Terms & Conditions

By using this website (www.reblatesols.com) or it’s any related URL or social media link please acknowledge that they are completely owned and operated by us (Reblate Solutions and Service Providers). So, before you start using our website there are some terms and conditions for using our services.

1- Agreement

If you accept or agree to these policies then you will be legally bound by these terms and conditions. This will be a set forth agreement between you and Reblate Solutions and Service Providers.

Please note: If you are accepting these terms and conditions on behalf of someone else then you are confirming that you have all the legal authority to bind that person in this agreement


2- Amendments

We have a complete right to amend, modify or change our policies from time to time. We will announce before we make any changes or modifications to our policies so it’s your responsibility to check for such changes.

Please note: If you do not wish to accept new policies then do not continue to use the website.

3- Contact Us

While contacting you will be asked to provide certain information about yourself that include your name, email and phone number. You agree to provide us real authentic information about yourself. We will store and use your information in accordance with our privacy policy.


4- Access and Use of the Site

 Before using this site, you agree that you will not 

  • Engage in any unlawful or illegal activity 
  • Provide any false, inaccurate, or misleading information
  • Try to access its services in any way that can affect, damage, or disrupt our servers or network in any way that host the site
  • Use any data mining or scraping robots or tools
  • Interfere with the security-related features of our site
  • Try to access the site through any illegal or unauthorized way
  • Use other person’s details like name or email
  • Use our services for any intended purpose
  • Try to harm our services by introducing viruses, hacking, phishing, trojans through any other programs
  • Try to use any technology that could be harmful to our website
  • Allow any third-party service to access or use our services
  • Try to access the area of the website that you are not allowed or authorized to access
  • Try to access other user’s information through any electronic or spamming method

5- Information on this Site

Before using this site, you agree that 

  • All the text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio, video collectively content is owned and licensed by Reblate Solutions and Service Providers and protected by the US international copyright laws
  • You cannot copy, reproduce, republish, encode, translate or upload our content in any way without the prior written permission of Reblate Solutions and Service
  • You cannot embed, frame, or use any name of our service on any third-party website without our written consent
  • You cannot use any kind of robots, data mining, scraping, or extraction tools to gather our data or content
  • You cannot use the Reblate Solutions and Service trademark or logo on any website, device, packaging, advertising our written authorization
  • You can use our blogs links for informational purposes but you have to submit the URL link where our article or link will be used (Any logo or graphic symbol is not included)

6- Responsibility of your Content

You are entirely responsible for all of the content that you upload, post, and email to us including personal information.

7- Privacy Policy

Our terms and conditions are interrelated with our privacy policy. So, before you agree to our terms and conditions, please check our Privacy Policy for more information.


8- Need to Speak to Us

If things get wrong and you need to ask something from us you can contact our support service team at support@reblatesols.com