What is WFS?

WFS stand for “Walmart Fulfillment Services.” It’s a new program that allows the seller to store their inventory at Walmart fulfillment centers. Now when any customer places an order, WFS will pick, pack and ship the item to the customer on the seller’s behalf. 

The products that are approved by WFS will be labeled as fulfilled by Walmart with a tag 2- day delivery. The program helps sellers to focus more on their sales instead of worrying about how to fulfillment services.

How it works?

Set up your account in the WFS portal
Convert your products to Fulfilled by Walmart listings
Send Inventory to Walmart fulfillment centers
Customer orders, Walmart picks, packs & delivers
Walmart manages returns and provides customer & seller service

WFS Program Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of participating in WFS program:

Exceptional service

 Fast delivery with free and easy return service. 

Cost-effective solution

Simple pricing structure with no hidden fee.

Full transparency

Track inventory, orders, and shipments with easy-to-read dashboards. 

Increased site visibility

Gain higher search rankings and Buy Box prominence with Walmart Two-day delivery tags. 

Program Fee Structure

WFS offer simple and straight forward cost structure. Fix monthly storage fee and fulfillment fee based on item weight. There will be no additional signup or monthly fee.

Fulfillment Fee

Base fee

Shipping Weight
1 lb.
2 lb.
3 lb.
4-20 lb.
$5.75 plus $0.40 for each lb. >4 lb.
21-30 lb.
$15.55 plus $0.40 for each lb. >21 lb.
31-50 lb.
$14.55 plus $0.40 for each lb. >31 lb.
51-150 lb.
$17.55 plus $0.40 for each lb. >51 lb.

Apparel and Hazmat Items

Add $0.50 to the base fulfillment fee.

Oversize Items

Add the following fees to the base fulfillment fee. Note: Girth = 2*(width + height).

Shipping Dimensions
Maximum side > 48″ OR Median side > 30″ OR Length + girth > 105″
Add $3
Maximum side > 96″ OR Length + girth > 130
Add $25

Storage fee

Items Stored for Fewer Than 365 Days

Length of Time
January- September
$0.75 per cubic foot per month
October- December
$0.75 per cubic foot per month for items stored for fewer than or up to 30 days Add $1.50 per cubic foot per month for items stored for more than 30 days

Items Stored for More Than 365 Days

Length of time
More than 12 months
$7.50 per cubic foot per month

How to apply in WFS program?

  • Log into Seller Center 
  • Click the WFS icon in the top navigation bar
  • Click the Apply button
  • Complete and submit the application


You can also apply at Settings > Walmart Fulfillment.

Eligible Products for WFS

There are some limits to the types of products that can be included in the program.

  • Products ship to Walmart fulfillment centers should be within the United States
  • No perishable or regulated products 
  • Maximum product weight is 150 lb.
  • Maximum product dimensions: 108″ in length and 165″ in length + girth